In 2020 I set myself the challenge of creating 52 memorable experiences over 52 weeks after I'd spent a year complaining about being tired, sick and stressed. I simply wanted to curate regular moments of happiness with the hope that weekly adventuring would become a routine. 

The idea of being present and discovering the things on your doorstep resonated with many of my nearest and dearest, and thus Weekly Adventure was born, with the hope that we would share stories and motivate each other to go and explore.

I plan on trying as much as possible, from stargazing and hiking to getting lost and visiting that new bar, because anything and everything can be an adventure in the making. 

I hope you can find inspiration here, too, and, if you have any questions or ideas to share, please get in touch.

It's time to appreciate the here and now: say yes to adventure!

Emily McDonnell

Founder and Weekly Adventurer

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