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Introducing: the 'Weekly Adventure' project

What is it about us humans that means we get dewy-eyed and sentimental at the end of the year?

Like so many others, I spent the “Tagen Zwischen den Jahren” (the wonderful German expression meaning the ‘days between the years’, i.e. from Christmas to the new year) reflecting on 2019. 

Unsurprisingly, a lot happened. Personal growth, unexpected challenges, new opportunities. Honestly, it was a tough year. But in amongst the stress and suffering, there were these moments that truly put a smile on my face, and looking back on them now conjures up vivid images that warm my heart. Dancing at a festival in a forest with friends, standing on stage talking to about community and the EU, eating mouth-wateringly good food in even better company.

That’s when it hit me, a thought as obvious as the fact we breathe air to survive: life is about these little moments of happiness. Experiencing the here and now is what makes everything worthwhile. What a breakthrough...

Queue my 2020 challenge: 52 weeks, 52 adventures. 

So no, I’m not going to take 52 big trips or create 52 life-changing events. I’m simply going to build adventure into my every day. This is a promise to me: in the year I turn 30, I will carve time into my week for experience, and create a little moment that will open my mind and make me smile. I hope, in doing this, weekly adventure will become habit.

Over the course of 2020, I plan on connecting with the community I call home, and showing others that adventures are there for the taking. I’ll be documenting my experience, and sharing the tip and tricks I learn on the way, with the hope that I inspire you to build mini-adventures into your routine.

Most of the year I’ll focus on adventuring in and around Berlin, with a few further-flung adventures planned. But regardless of location, the concept of optimising for experience applies across the globe: make time to discover where you live because you should be enjoying the place you call home, and remember to enjoy the here and now because it’s these memories you’ll always be able to look back on with a smile.

If you want to join me for an adventure, or want to suggest I try some of your favourite happy-moment experiences, please get in touch

On my list so far:

  • Winter wild swimming (wish me luck)

  • Discovering the history of my favourite Berlin bar, a Japanese-style jazz kissa 

  • Stargazing, hopefully I’ll see some shooting stars

  • Wild camping in a forest

  • Rollerskating at Berlin’s abandoned airport

I can’t wait to have you on this journey with me.

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